Chrissy Teigen Quits 'Tonight Show' Game Rather Than Touch Live Cockroaches

Andrew Lipovsky/NBC
Chrissy Teigen and Jimm Fallon

The model stopped playing the fan-favorite game before the final round.

Chrissy Teigen played "Can You Feel It?" with Jimmy Fallon on Monday's episode of NBC's The Tonight Show, but the model quit the game before the final round.

The host kicked off the segment by explaining the rules of the game. Fallon said that mystery objects would be brought out in front of him and Teigen and the two had to guess what the objects were simply based on touch. He teased that there would be "one or two dangerous things" included in the game.

"So there are scary ones, apparently," Teigen joked before Fallon blindly stuck his hand in a case of butter. He was then able to quickly identify the mystery object.

Teigen's first mystery object was a sand castle. Fallon tried to scare the model and she let out a scream when she grazed the edge of a flag. "I'm sweating now," she said as she hesitantly touched the sand castle. She guessed that the mystery object was an ant farm right before Fallon revealed that she was incorrect.

The host's next mystery object was a live lungfish. Fallon slowly stuck his hand into the case, but quickly pulled it out when he mistook the water as the mystery object licking him. "There's wetness on my finger right now," he declared. Without touching the lungfish, Fallon guessed that there was a frog in the case.

Even though Fallon's round had timed out, he once again tried to touch the mystery object. After briefly poking the lungfish, he ran away and exclaimed, "Ew!"

Teigen revealed to Fallon that there was a lungfish in the case and she touched it. "I want to cook it," the cookbook author said.

The host then gave Teigen a hint about what her next mystery object was before she put her hand in the case. "Have you seen Jurassic Park?" he asked before she went to touch a dinosaur grabber. "Is it Bryce Dallas Howard?" she joked.

For the final round, Fallon and Teigen were supposed to guess the mystery object together. But Teigen peeked inside the case and quit the game once she saw that there were live cockroaches. "I'm out," she said. "I saw it. I'm a thousand percent not."

After his competitor quit, Fallon decided to continue the game. As he tried to stick his hands in the box, Teigen said, "This might be the worst one I've ever seen on here."

The host let out multiple screams before he put his hand in the box. He poked one cockroach multiple times before he said that he had no idea what the object could be. He guessed that he had touched a snake, lizard and frog before he learned that he had actually touched a cockroach.

"Ew! Are you out of your mind?" Fallon said as he fell to his knees.

Watch the full game below.