Chrissy Teigen's Recipe of the Summer Is a Must for Your Fourth of July BBQ

Chrissy Teigen - Getty - H 2016
Ryan Miller/Getty Images

Get your grill ready.

The only thing more American than a dish that involves both barbecuing and mayonnaise? America's sweetheart, Chrissy Teigen

Just in time for your Fourth of July festivities, we bring you this patriotic trifecta by way of the supermodel's own recipe of the summer. 

"Whenever I think of a summer barbecue, I think of my Mexican street corn," Teigen told Pret-a-Reporter earlier this summer during a meet-and-greet at Coach's Costa Mesa, Calif., store. "[It's] this corn on the cob that’s grilled with cotija cheese, slathered in mayonnaise, rolled in that cheese and parmesan, sprinkled with cayenne and some lime juice drizzled over it."

The new mom, who is spending the holiday with hubby John Legend and baby Luna in the Hamptons, added, "It’s just so fresh, so hearty and so delicious and it makes your face covered in all these sprinkly cheeses. And you can always just cut it off the cob and just toss it as a salad to make it not as messy." 

The full recipe can be found in the "Vegetable Things" section of Teigen's cookbook, Cravings: Recipes for All the Food You Want to Eat, where she writes of the dish, "I am like freaking Cookie Monster when it comes to Mexican street corn. I get rabid. I completely stop caring about my physical appearance or bodily noises, the entire world around me disappears." 

We'll take your word for it, Chrissy.