Christian Audigier Dead: Twitter Users' Mean Reactions

Christian Audigier - P 2015
AP Images

Christian Audigier - P 2015

The Ed Hardy designer died of bone cancer on July 9. And not everyone has been respectful on social media.

Christian Audigier, who was best known for his Von Dutch and Ed Hardy trucker hats and tattoo-filled tees, died from bone cancer in L.A. on July 9. While many are mourning the late designer, many are also mocking his memory in relation to his controversial apparel and accessories.

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One Twitter user wrote, "Too bad he can't take his ugly clothes with him," with a link to an article about Audigier's death, while another said: "Death is sad but Christian Audigier jokes are so fun. #Torn."

His designs may have been a joke to some, but they were still favored by many, especially those in Hollywood, from Ashton Kutcher to Madonna, in the 2000s. In response to the few that have mocked Audigier, one user put it best when he wrote: "Some of you don't even know where to draw the line."

May Audigier rest in peace.