Christian Bale and Lakeith Stanfield Wear Tags to Critics' Choice Awards

Christian Bale onstage at The 24th Annual Critics' Choice Awards - Getty- H 2019
Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Are price tags the latest accessory?

Are tags back in style? The trend of keeping tags or stickers on apparel — to show that it’s new, in mint condition or not a knockoff — is perhaps most widely seen with stickers on baseball caps and snapbacks by brands like New Era. Those holographic stickers on the top or bottom of the cap’s crown aren’t left on accidentally; it’s part of the style and proof that the cap has cred. 

Were Christian Bale and Lakeith Stanfield going for a similar vibe by sporting tags at the Critics' Choice Awards on Sunday?

On the red carpet, Stanfield, of Sorry to Bother You and Atlanta, donned round-rimmed Mitch glasses by the Costa Mesa, California-based company SALT, and left the brand’s label on in the lower corner of his left lens. SALT confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that the actor purposely left the sticker on (opposed to the glasses having the logo etched into the lens). It looked like an accident, but Stanfield wore the glasses the same way to HBO’s Golden Globes afterparty last weekend. It could be that he’s starting a new trend, since SALT's bold and clean logo adds a customized element to plain glasses. 

Bale showing off his tag, on the other hand, could lean more into the realm of a wardrobe malfunction. The winner for best actor and best actor in a comedy lifted his arm onstage during his speech at the Critics’ Choice Awards, revealing an oversized pink tag inside his jacket. The look — a wool and silk tuxedo, black cotton shirt and black silk tie — was bespoke from Brioni, so it was indeed fitted for Bale and not just purchased off the rack. Fans online speculated the tag could have been from the dry cleaners or was left on because the actor's weight fluctuates so frequently for his roles. (His team declined to comment on the tag).