Christian Louboutin Gifts Kerry Washington's Daughter With Customized Shoes

Christian Louboutin Gifts Kerry Washington - H - 2016
Mary Rozzi?

The design icon doodled on a sparkly pink pair for 3-year-old Isabelle, who attended the photo session with her mother and shih tzu mix Josie.

For the cover, design icon Christian Louboutin, he of those much-coveted red-soled heels, posed in June with superfan and close friend Kerry Washington, who is expecting her second child, for a series of stunning images photographed by Mary Rozzi at Quixote Studios in Los Angeles. Washington even brought along 2-year-old daughter Isabelle and shih tzu mix Josie to meet the legend. "It was very obvious they genuinely adore each other and have a mutual respect for each other's trade," notes Rozzi of the pair's chemistry. The two then sat down for an interview with THR style editor Carol McColgin.

“Pour my dear Kerry,” Louboutin scribbled on a red sole of a pair of embellished sandals, then encircled the inscription in stars and hearts.

"I loved hearing them talk about where they would take each other in their hometowns — Paris versus L.A.," says McColgin. "The thought of Christian and Kerry cafe-hopping around Paris on a Vespa is quite magical." At one point Louboutin whipped out a colorful set of markers and began doodling on shoes as the actress looked on. "He even customized a sparkly pink pair of 'princess shoes' for her daughter," recalls McColgin. "It doesn't get any sweeter."

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