'Louboutinize' Your Photos With Completely Necessary Editing App

Emmy Rossum in Louboutin shoes.

When your name becomes a verb, you know you've made it.

How do you capitalize on an industry's obsession with your signature style (particularly, a bright red shoe sole)? With an iPhone app, of course. 

After rounding out his shoe empire with a line of nail polish and lipsticks, Christian Louboutin has moved into the digital realm with a new photo filter app called "Louboutinize." Unlike the brand's other products, which cost quite a pretty penny (think $90 lipsticks), the Louboutinize app is completely free.

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Released on Friday, the app features three filters with more coming on either a monthly or bimonthly basis, according to WWD. The first, "Rouge," adds the label's signature red hue to your photo (beware, this filter may cause you to look slightly Devil-ish). "Legs" allows you to paste flawless celeb legs onto your own normal-human body, while "Crystallize" adds a kaleidoscope-like filter meant to mimic the effect of looking through a crystal-shaped bottle of the brand's nail polish. 

And in case you were wondering, Louboutinize (v.) is officially defined as: "To impart the joyous spirit of Christian Louboutin." The more you know.


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