Designers Dish: Christian Siriano

Courtesy of Culture Shop
Christian Siriano

The red-carpet favorite unveiled two looks with a pattern sourced from social media activity during "Fashion Rocks"

The next frontier of fashion is all about touching the tech space: DVF and Google Glass, Tory Burch and FitbitRebecca Minkoff and 3D fabrics on the New York Fashion Week runway. And most recently, Christian Siriano and Verizon unveiled the first-ever social imprint garments, using a patterned fabric created by Twitter users' activity during Fashion Rocks.

"I just thought it was a really cool idea — bringing the whole world of social media into a new place," Siriano tells Pret-a-Reporter, adding that Jennifer Hudson's first performance look was his favorite of the CBS telecast. "I picked the colors to go with the spring collection we just showed, but I really didn't know what it was gonna look like. The big moments like Nicki Minaj and Jennifer Lopez are in the print. And who knew Justin Bieber was gonna take off all his clothes!"

The two turquoise-hued, silk charmeuse looks — an "easy, breezy, long maxi gown" and a "wearable cape-like coat," revealed during a champagne reception at New York City's The Gilded Lily — are currently up for auction through Oct. 7, with proceeds benefiting Dress for Success.

Pret-a-Reporter sat down with the designer to talk tech: on the runway, on the newsstand and in the bedroom.

Are you super plugged in to social media?

I tweet, but to be honest, I don't really read Twitter that much. I do look at Instagram a lot. [My fiance] Brad [Walsh] is pretty good at it, and if there's something interesting, he keeps me in the loop. We look at our phones pretty much all night while in bed, but I read emails pretty late.

Flipping through magazines: newsstand or tablet?

No, no, no. I love magazines on paper. I buy magazines every day, all day. I downloaded a magazine app, but I've never, ever used it. I also like to buy really weird fashion magazines — that's what I still love, seeing weird editorials. And I love when we're in it, that's always nice!

Do you sketch with tech?

Pencil and paper, all the way. This was cool because it's such a digital idea, but I still approached it normally, like I do every day, nostalgic and old school.

This project was something small to get into digital — I don't know if it would translate to one of my full collections, but I loved doing this to show what social interaction can do. At the end of the day, it's so important now what people are talking about — retailers, buyers, customers, they're posting what they love, and it is what it is. I think we're all not ready for it yet, but it's happening.

There are some cool things happening with fashion and tech — Rebecca Minkoff had everyone at her NYFW show wear 3D glasses for the show's finale.

Oh, really? That's so cool! I also think 3D-printed accessories are amazing; they're their own art. The Apple Watch, it's kind of cool but I don't think I would use it. I'm not wearing it, let's just say that. Google Glass — I love the idea, but they need to look cool, on normal frames. They're pretty ugly as it is. Thank goodness for DVF!

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