Christian Slater and Rami Malek Ditch the Hoodies for Dior

Rami Malek Christian Slater Dior Front Row - P 2016
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“Who would have thought the guys from 'Mr. Robot' like to dress well,” said Malek during the Paris Men's Week show.

The Mr. Robot costume designers have taken a page out of Mark Zuckerberg's handbook — it’s all hoodies all the time for star Rami Malek’s genius hacker. Christian Slater’s criminal mastermind doesn’t fare much better — he’s been relegated to a vintage workman’s repair jacket for most of the season.

Still the duo did Dior for Paris Men’s Fashion Week, celebrating their recent Golden Globes wins from the front row.

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“A toast in Paris is definitely the way to go, it seals the deal,” said Slater of his best supporting actor trophy and the series’ win for best drama.

Malek, who brought his mom on the trip, was hitting his first Paris fashion week after Slater schooled him in New York style last season. “Christian took me to my first fashion week, apparently he’s quite the aficionado,” he said.

Slater sported a dark blue suit while Malek was in gray — the two hung out in designer Kris Van Assche’s neon skate park before the show.

Van Assche's “The Art of Falling Apart” was perfectly pulled together. It was Dior’s signature trim tailoring with especially sharp coats and jackets, topped off with bright chunky scarves and jaunty woolen jeep caps, with pops of color in the occasional red check or ski sweater. Subdued floral patterns on jackets and suits, along with Southern-style bow ties, added a delicate touch while models stormed between skate ramps to Nitzer Ebb’s and DAF’s eighties tough electropunk.

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“We wear the same thing every day on the show, so in our real life we try to mix it up,” said Slater. The stars return to shoot the second season in March.

Added Malek: “Who would have thought the guys from Mr. Robot like to dress well.”