Christina Aguilera to Reissue 'Bionic'?

"No plans to reissue the record have been announced," a RCA Records rep tells THR.

Chalk it up to semantics.

A report that surfaced today claims Christina Aguilera's underperforming album Bionic may see a re-release thanks to buzz surrounding her acting debut in Burlesque. It cites a Billboard interview with RCA vice president Scott Seviour, in which he explains how the movie gives the label an "opportunity to remarket Bionic." 

But an RCA Records rep tells THR "no plans to reissue the record have been announced" and any reports claiming otherwise are pure speculation at this point. Bionic has sold just over 250,000 copies since its release in June, according to Nielsen SoundScan, a far cry from Aguilera's 2006 effort, Back to Basics, which moved 1.7 million copies. However, RCA has not ruled out pushing a single from the Burlesque soundtrack to radio after the movie's opening. Following Aguilera's performance of "Express" on Sunday night's American Music Awards, she's scheduled to sing again on tonight's finale of Dancing With the Stars.

Meanwhile, the reviews for Burlesque have been mixed at best.

THR's Kirk Honeycutt writes: "Women will love this, and men won't mind the eye candy either, so it looks like this Screen Gems release can't help becoming a hit."

A review by Huffington Post's Marshall Fine is less forgiving: "It's been a while since I've seen a stinker as obvious as Burlesque. As a colleague and I noted afterward, it made us long for something as coherent and restrained as Showgirls. Or Glitter."