Christina Aguilera, Rihanna’s Raunchy 'X Factor' Performances Lead to Regulator Review

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Dance performances featuring gyrating buttocks and burlesque costumes were described as "overtly sexual" despite falling within existing code.

LONDON - Raunchy performances from Christina Aguilera and Rhianna during last year's X Factor final on ITV1 have prompted U.K. media regulator Ofcom to rethink its taste and decency guidelines for family entertainment shows.

The media watchdog will now have meetings with all the major broadcasters to discuss how they will comply with the new code, which aims to cut the amount of sexualized content that can be viewed before the 9 p.m. TV watershed.

The regulator said that the show, which generated almost 3000 complaints after airing last December, had fallen within existing guidelines about programming aired before the 9pm guidelines, and it did not find ITV in breach of the current code.

But despite clearing the broadcaster, it has expressed concern about "overtly sexualized" performances that were likely watched by young fans of the hit show, and it will shortly issue new guidelines on wht is acceptable with regards to sexualized content.

"It's not just about whether the Broadcasting Code has been adhered to, it’s about material that families find acceptable," the regulator said.

The performance featured costumes from both Rhianna and Aguilera that drew on a burlesque theme, as well as much characteristic gyrating and sexy outfits from both stars, which Ofcom described as "overtly sexual."

Ofcom reserved its strongest criticism for Aguilera and her dancing entourage, citing costumes that "were revealing, with limited coverage of the buttocks that were of a sexualized nature because they were based on lingerie such as basques, stockings and suspenders."

It was also "particularly noticeable," the regulator said, that Aguilera's backing dancers were "opening their legs, kicking their legs up, gently thrusting their buttocks while bending over their chairs and leaning onto the chairs to position their buttocks towards the audience.