Christina Aguilera’s Arrest Prompts Mixed Reaction

Christopher Polk/Getty Images

THR rounds up what people are saying after the intoxicated singer is jailed for her own safety.

Reaction to Christina Aguilera’s arrest for public intoxication in the early Tuesday hours was swift -- sometimes sympathetic but more often harsh. How are people viewing this latest stumble? And what kind of affect could it have on her future career?

The professional opinion:  

Jonathan Cheban, PR vet and star of E!’s The Spin Crowd“This is the true meaning of downward spiral. I think Christina should do a reality show -- she got divorced, got arrested and has a new man! This is ratings gold! This definitely takes Christina off the A-list and onto the infamous list. First the Super Bowl, then the Grammy trip onstage and now this!  She needs help FAST.” 
Perez Hilton, celebrity blogger: "As evidenced by Charlie Sheen or, more appropriately, Britney Spears, Christina's recent troubles are likely to have little to no negative impact on her career. In fact, all this attention may be a positive and help whatever projects she does next. My sources tell me Aguilera is still in consideration to be a mentor on NBC's upcoming singing competition show The Voice. Talks are ongoing but, as of yesterday, Christina was said to be leaning towards a pass. I think her being on that show and in a positive light would be wonderful for her and I can't encourage it enough. Thus far, Idol has been a surprising positive to Jennifer Lopez's nearly dead music career. Aguilera could use a hit show and some hit songs right now!" 
Janet Billig, Rock of Ages exec producer, former manager of Courtney Love: "Christina is in a tough position, but we all love a comeback! She has the oddest assortment of hiccups at the moment but they're easily overcome. She needs to get her yoga and spirituality on. Get to the deepest place of why she does what she does and really focus on that. Christina started so young and has always been a commodity. She has to find herself in order to get out of this pattern. And if that doesn't work, maybe Doug Ellin can write it into the storyline for next season's Entourage. Like Ari Gold got her drunk on Avion tequila -- and this could all just be part of her 'research?' " 
Bob Merlis, MFH Public Relations: “This is not the catastrophe that some are making it out to be. She's had a few rough weeks, to be sure, but the public has a way of forgiving and/or forgetting and so does the media especially when it catches the scent of fresh scandal and moves on. Elliot Spitzer has a daily show on CNN which reported his hooker fueled imbroglio with great glee at that time.” 
Brian Gross, BSG PR: "Someone with as much talent as Christina, who is going through such a rough period of her life, needs very strong and supportive people around her to help her get through these challenging times ahead. What's most important right now is that she take care of herself. If she's healthy, her career will follow."  
Pink: "Out of Myself, Britney, and Christina - didn't everyone think I was gonna be the troublemaker? LOOK MA!!! No CUFFS!!!" (via Twitter)
The public opinion: 
“I still think she's probably the best female vocalist of all time. She just suffers from what so many ‘celebrities’ that have tremendous talent suffer from: talented, but not very bright.” -- Jim, commenter on
“Public intoxication? She was drunk in a car that’s hardly public intoxication. I mean, you have to get home from the bar somehow and she wasn’t driving. A mother shouldn’t be out in the early morning at bars anyways. She should be home with her kid...  Get help Christina don’t be another Hollywood loser!” -- Jay, commenter on 
“Sad because she has a little boy at home. She humiliated the country with the Super Bowl fiasco, then falling on stage at the Grammys and now too drunk to stand up? Glad her boy is too young to understand.” -- snoopy290, commenter on
“Her marriage broke up in October; She suffered an Anthem malfunctio­n at the Super Bowl; She took a tumble while performing at the Grammys. The woman is having a really crappy few months. Maybe there is an underlyin­g problem. Or maybe she's just having a really crappy few months. Speculativ­e bashing serves no other purpose than to cause the woman further harm. Okay, and sometimes it's pretty funny.” --  garymiceli , commenter on
“She was detained on suspicion of being drunk? What does that even mean? Everyone who walks out of a bar can be charged in LA even if they do nothing illegal? She wasn't driving. She wasn't fighting. She wasn't abusive. But she was detained'? What a bunch of over reaching nanny state BS. She should be able to sue for that.” -- iLoveOldNY, commenter on