Christina Applegate's 'Up All Night': What The Show's Stars And Viewers Are Saying

The NBC show premiered Wednesday and everyone from stars Will Arnett and May Rudolph to fans had something to say about it.

NBC's new comedy staring Christina Applegate, Will Arnett and Maya Rudolph premiere Wednesday to positive reviews

10.9 million viewers tuned in to the show, which aired after America's Got Talent two-hour finale. The show will move to its regular 8 p.m. time slot next week. 

And everyone from the half-hour comedy's stars to fellow Hollywood players and viewers had something to say after its premiere.  

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Applegate tweeted that she wouldn't be watching the show when it aired. "30 minutes until @NBCUpAllNight premieres," she said, adding, "I hope you enjoy, I for one am going to sleep 630am call time for this old gal...nighty night". 

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Arnett responded to a fan's snarky comment about the actor's failed Fox show Running Wilde. @dotbeepdoot said, "I'm running wilde with anticipation for your new show, too soon?" To which Arnett tweeted "too late." 

Talent host Nick Cannon, who had a guest-starring role on Night gave himself a shout-out, saying "tonight NBC stands for #NothingButCannon! TUNE IN NOW!!!"

"Hey @1capplegate, how did you get so darn funny? You killed it last night in UP ALL NIGHT," actress Jessica Capshaw wrote

Lee Williams was a fan, tweeting, "Love it!! @NBC has a winner with "Up All Night"

"Didn't think anything could top my fave show @nbcparenthood, but Up All Night is awesome! Did anyone see it?" wrote Gentry Baumline. 

Dilara and Dennis Litonjua both enjoyed the show, with Dilara tweeting "Did anyone catch the series premiere of Up All Night yesterday? Hilarious! @flipnfunny and I couldn't stop laughing."

But Jayde Tiana was less enthused, writing "Up all night was disappointing, and free agents was actually interesting. Meh i'm still thinking ringer was the best. So far".

"Just watched the pilot for "Free Agents" on Hulu. It shows some promise. Hank Azaria is obviously funny. "Up All Night" I am not sold on yet," said Michael Waymire. 

Nichelle Stephens observed, "Between 'Up All Night' and 'The New Girl,' there's a lot of singing in this season's sitcom pilots."

The show won over Sean Patrick O'Brien, who said: "Watching Up All Night. At first I hated it, now I kinda like it. Good people in it!"

Justin Rebello tweeted, "I suspect that "Up All Night" show is pretty much only funny if you have a baby. "LOL, he's tired and can't find the cheese.""