Christina Hendricks' Signature Red Lips on 'Mad Men' Are Actually Pink

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Now you, too, can get in on the shade that gives Joan her sizzle.

Everyone goes, 'Joan has a signature red lip,' but it's actually a pale pink color so it must come across more red onscreen," Christina Hendricks tells Pret-a-Reporter of the camera trick that turns Laura Mercier's soft pink Baby Lips lipstick ($24) to crimson on Mad Men. "Joan has had the same darn look for eight years so I don't think it's a spoiler in saying you might see more of the same [this season]."

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The lipstick came about because the actress had worn it on a previous show and thought it was flattering. "Even before I started Mad Men, I wore my makeup like [Joan], very similar. I've always liked a lash line and I asked if I could keep wearing the lipstick," she says at the launch of Birchbox's Mad Men-inspired beauty product boxes, which are available now and include both a men's and women's edition ($10).

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Hendricks' personal go-to products aren't all that different from her character's on the long-running show that is counting down to the final season premiere on April 5. "If I'm just running around and want a simple, quick look, I wear a cream blush, tinted lip balm like Burt's Bees ($7) or Fresh ($23), and mascara," she says. As for the simple glamour Joan exudes on the show: "Very early on, Matt Weiner said he wanted us to look natural in the office." (The Birchbox set includes a Cargo blush ($26), LAQA & Co. lip pencil ($18) and mascara, of course.)

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Like Joan, "If I'm going out, I go all out. I like experimenting. I love makeup." She also likes playing with her hair, which couldn't really happen until about a week ago when she went from her signature Nice 'n Easy Light Auburn ($10) to a lighter strawberry blonde. In a way, it's another signal of the end of an era.