Front Row Report, Thakoon: Christina Ricci Embraces Her Love of Fashion

Christina Ricci at the Thakoon spring 2016 show.

The actress, who recently moved from L.A. to the Big Apple, has long been a follower of fashion and New York designers.

Christina Ricci was seated front row at the Thakoon show on Sunday of NYFW in a claret colored chiffon ruffled gown by the designer — a floor-length prairie style in a small paisley print.

"You know I’ve always been a fashion girl," she said of her presence, "and now that I moved to New York five years ago — my husband’s based here — I can go to shows when I’m not working."

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As for being in New York as opposed to L.A., where she’s lived for many years, she says, “I do miss L.A., but I can work from anywhere and I don’t mind traveling. It’s good to shake it up. We could wind up moving back to L.A., who knows?”

Her latest project, which she also produced for Amazon, is called Zelda.

"We shot the whole series," she told Pret-a-Reporter. "The costumes are amazing, I love the twenties. This is the F. Scott Fitzgerald story told from Zelda [Fitzgerald]’s point of view. David Straitharn plays her father, and Fitzgerald is a small character in this, as it’s all about her. She was so misjudged and if she was living now, I doubt she would have gone crazy. She would have had purpose — so many literary women who were portrayed as crazy just needed to find more meaning in their lives."

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