Christoffer Boe aiming for Cannes comeback

'Everything Will Be Fine' screens in Directors' Fortnight

CANNES -- "I started on the top and am working my way down," joked Danish director Christoffer Boe, reflecting on his first visit to Cannes in 2003, when "Reconstruction" won him the Golden Camera and Prix Regard for best first feature.

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Boe was hailed as the "next Lars von Trier" and offers poured in. But his follow-ups -- Sundance entry "Allegro" (2005) and "Offscreen," which bowed at Venice in 2006 -- failed to match "Reconstruction's" critical and commercial success.

Now Boe is back at Cannes with what could prove his comeback project: Directors' Fortnight entry "Everything Will Be Fine."

The psychological drama starring Jens Albinus and Marijana Jankovic sees Boe employing the kind of complex and self-reflective narrative structure he carried off with such panache in "Reconstruction." But "Fine" is more clearly a genre film, specifically a intellectual thriller, something that could help "Everything" sales agent The Match Factory.

"It has many of the same aspects (as 'Reconstruction') -- the fractured time narratives, this puzzle game of moviemaking -- but has a clear thriller plot," Boe told THR. "I think it is because I'm more mature as a director now. Technically, I'm able to do things I wouldn't have dared 7 years ago."

The plot of "Fine" defies easy summation but one narrative strand focuses on a man who stumbles upon photos of Danish soldiers committing atrocities in Afghanistan. Boe said the idea was inspired by a real-life incident told to him by a friend who was working on an Afghan war documentary.

"It's not the core part of the story but it reflects on it, because the story is about a man, a director who is trying to find the story of his film while he is unable to make sense of the story of his life," Boe said. "And that is like the war in Denmark. We are a country at war but that story doesn't fit our narrative of what it is to be a Dane. So the war is a non-issue, it's like the story doesn't even exist."
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