Christoph Waltz, Jimmy Kimmel Debut Their Audition for the Siegfried and Roy Biopic

Randy Holmes/ABC

"We're method magicians," said the 'Legend of Tarzan' star in character.

Legend of Tarzan star Christoph Waltz and late-night host Jimmy Kimmel revealed that they both auditioned for the upcoming Siegfried and Roy biopic — in fact, they even auditioned together. 

On Thursday's Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Kimmel explained to Waltz how excited he was about the film since he grew up in Las Vegas, adding how much of a coincidence it was that they "ran into each other at an audition for that movie."

Kimmel then showed the faux audition tape, which featured the two of them side by side in matching glittery costumes and wigs. After some confusion about which one of them was Siegfried and which was Roy, they compromised. “I guess we’re both Roy," said Kimmel. 

They were so in character that when asked their real names for the audition, Kimmel answered, “we don’t have real names." 

"We’re in character," added Waltz. "We’re method magicians."

"Regular people grow older," Kimmel read in the audition. "They become trapped. But not the magician. For us, there is always an escape." 

Waltz had some notes on Kimmel's attempt at a a German accent too, but in the end, the host got distracted in his audition by singing "99 Red Balloons" instead of the audition piece, so his chances of getting the part are pretty slim.