Christopher Kane Makes Cleaning a Cheeky Fetish for Spring

Antonio de Moraes Barros Filho/WireImage
A model on the Christopher Kane spring 2018 runway.

The Scottish designer also brings back those Crocs — with added sparkle — for an encore.

The concept of cleaning is far from glamorous, but leave it to Christopher Kane to make it otherwise.

The Scottish designer, whose fans include FKA Twigs and Salma Hayek (both in the front row at Monday's show), wanted to explore that idea of a "pristine woman, so clean, so proper, yet having an emotional breakdown inside," he said. As a result, his spring 2018 collection, dubbed "Domestic Services," was a look at "the idea of interiors, of a closed domestic world, made into the exterior person."

Everyday household cleaning objects were cleverly referenced, from the loop mop-like fringe decorating jackets and sweaters to the kitchen cleaning pad mesh serving as inspiration for knits. One look interpreted laundry quite literally — a shirt, held together with clothespins at the shoulders, featured fabric spilling out of an image of an opened laundry door, giving the effect of clothes falling out of the dryer.

One dress in black leather resembled that of a maid's uniform with its Peter Pan collar, while another looked as though it was fashioned out of Hefty trash bags, albeit made fancier with lace details across the chest. (One woman's trash is another woman's treasure, eh?)

Cynthia Payne, best known for being an English brothel keeper who hosted sex parties in suburban Streatham, a district in south London, also influenced the fetish collection, with a black satin dress barely held together with pegs, sexy sheer lingerie dresses and crystallized suspenders.

Kane added touches of mop fringe and sponge fabric to the footwear, too, and brought back the Crocs from last season, but instead of being encrusted with rocks, the controversial footwear was spiffed up with rhinestones.