Christopher Nolan to Guest-Edit Wired Magazine

Christopher Nolan Horizontal - H 2014
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Christopher Nolan Horizontal - H 2014

The 'Interstellar' director will edit the December issue dedicated to the themes of time, space and multiple dimensions

Though the science of his blockbuster sci-fi epic Interstellar has come under scrutiny, Christopher Nolan will be given another platform to explore the themes in that film as well as those found in his previous works when he guest-edits the December issue of science, technology and culture magazine Wired

The upcoming issue of Wired will be dedicated to the themes of time, space and multiple dimensions, said the magazine's editor-in-chief, Scott Dadich, who promised "some truly mind-warping stories from this collaboration."

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Added Dadich: "We wanted to draw from everything from Memento and The Prestige to The Dark Knight trilogy and Inception. But most of all, we wanted to give him license to create a magazine version of the kind of rich, detailed, and complex worlds he builds for his films. We wanted something that would reward scrutiny and attention to detail. We wanted something readers would want to come back to again and again, the way that we all love to go back and study his films."

Nolan isn't the first film director to play guest editor at Wired. J.J. Abrams previously edited "The Mystery Issue" in 2009, and James Cameron was editor of the issue "New Age of Space & Deep Sea Exploration" in 2004. 

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