Christopher Nolan Selects Canadian Film Center For $100,000 Donation

Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

The "Inception" director talked to Vancouver filmmaker Ian Holliday as part of a Canadian video short competition.

TORONTO -- Hollywood director Christopher Nolan on Tuesday morning got on the phone with Vancouver student and filmmaker Ian Holliday before selecting Norman Jewison’s Canadian Film Center in Toronto to receive a $100,000 charitable donation.

The talk followed Holliday creating a short film, inspired by Nolan’s work, that beat out around 10,000 entries to win WIND Mobile's Best Conversation Ever competition that offered Canadians the chance to speak to anyone in the world.

“He (Nolan) gave us a lot of insight into technique & writing. Also told us to enjoy the whole process and have fun with it,” Holliday tweeted after the phone conversation.

"I am honoured that Ian chose to have a conversation with me," Nolan, who is currently shooting The Dark Knight Rises, said in a statement.

"I wish Ian the best of luck heading into this industry and hope our conversation provided him with some useful information to make breaking through easier,” he added.