'When I Live My Life Over Again': Christopher Walken to Open for The Flaming Lips? (Exclusive Video)

"Beware the green-eyed monster."

"It's called The Flaming Lips, not The Flaming Lips!" Amber Heard scolds her father, Christopher Walken, an over-the-hill crooner who's surprisingly been asked to open for the quintessentially hip band.

The two star in writer-director Robert Edwards feature, When I Live My Life Over Again, in which Heard plays as a struggling singer-songwriter who escapes to the Hamptons home of her dad — who is desperately struggling to chart his own musical comeback. Sure, Heard may feel a tad jealous of Walken's new gig. But as his daughter, she's also concerned he's not quite grasping that his appearance with the Lips is more about comedic hipster irony than his legacy as a singer.

The film turns a hilarious, sometimes-bittersweet lens on ambition and innocence, and the fraught terrain of the father-daughter relationship. Oliver Platt, Ann Magnuson, Hamish Linklater, Henry Kelemen and Kelli Garner round out the cast.

Watch Heard and Walken hash it out in The Hollywood Reporter's exclusive clip above.

The film features musical performances by both Walken and Heard of tracks with music by The Psychedelic Furs keyboardist Joe McGinty and lyrics by Edwards. Head back here on Saturday for a THR chat with the two stars.

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