Chromeo Looks to Steve Harvey, Guy Fieri as Style Icons (Really?!)

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The dynamic duo sat down with THR after their Coachella set to discuss unexpected style icons and Halloween costumes

"If you can dress as someone for Halloween, they're a style icon," Chromeo's David Macklovitch told THR. "It might not mean you like their style. It might not mean their style is good. But, it's recognizable."

Macklovitch and his bandmate, Patrick Gemayel, agree: Steve Harvey and Guy Fieri are most definitely style icons. They aren't being facetious. But they look to more traditional style icons as well. The Ramones, Justice, A-Trak (Macklovitch's younger brother) and Vampire Weekend are a few examples they gave of bands worthy of Halloween notoriety. 

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The pair have (many times) encountered fans dressed as Chromeo for Halloween, and there's good reason -- look to the band's Coachella style. Macklovitch wore a Yves Saint Laurent leather jacket with printed sleeves, skinny jeans and wayfarers, and Gemayel sported a beanie and T-shirt Friday night as they took the main stage at 7:55 pm.  

Macklovitch considers his style sense to be '80s rocker. ("The jeans are actually part of his skin," Gemayel quipped.) He finds style inspiration in the form of Serge Gainsbourg and ZZ Top. For Gemayel -- a hip-hop, vintage kind of guy -- it's all about Biggie, Tupac and Ice Cube.

Interestingly, the pair purposely aim to contrast their modern style against their retro music. Macklovitch's cool, contemporary Laurent jacket, for example, created a nice dichotomy of old and new as the pair performed their funky, nostalgic classics "Bonafied Lovin" and "Momma's Boy."  

For Chromeo, this look is very real. They don't have an onstage style. They dress as they would on any given day. "A$AP Rocky on a Tuesday looks like A$AP Rocky," Macklovitch says. That's just the way they like it. 

So while traveling this Coachella weekend, or elsewhere for that matter, if you see a pair that looks like Chromeo, it probably is -- unless of course it's Halloween.