Chrysler exec to cable: Drive us to next level


Chrysler marketing chief Deborah Wahl Meyer stressed the importance of working in partnership with the cable industry to generate innovative ways of targeting consumers during her keynote speech Tuesday, the final day of the National Cable & Telecommunications Assn.'s 2008 Cable Show.

"We want you to push us to the next level as much as we need to be pushing ourselves," she said. "It's not just about buying share time but working together to test, learn and adapt."

She said Chrysler increasingly is turning to "narrow casting" to target specific audiences, which is where the cable industry can do the most good for advertisers.

"The customers are ready and waiting for you to develop the capability of addressable advertising," she said, noting that she sees fragmentation as an opportunity to be faster, more flexible and creative with ads in today's world.

In a panel after her keynote, Meyer said that much more of Chrysler's marketing budget is being funneled into the Internet these days, though the majority is still targeted for TV.

The panel, moderated by Sanford C. Bernstein's Craig Moffett, also discussed the impact of the DVR and its commercial- skipping capability.

Fox Networks Group's Tony Vinciquerra said he doesn't see DVRs as a "horrible thing," pointing out that only 23% of U.S. households have DVRs and not all of those viewers actually skip commercials.(partialdiff)