'Chuck' fans plan rally support for series

Will gather in 4 cities wearing show's Buy More-style clothing

"Chuck" fans have a plan to rally support for the NBC series, and this time it doesn't involve sandwiches.

With the action-comedy on the bubble for a renewal, "Chuck" fans on Monday will stage themed flash mobs in at least four cities.

In Chicago, Seattle, San Diego and Philadelphia, "Chuck" fans plan to gather while dressed in the show's Buy More-style clothing (short-sleeve work shirts, name tags and the like).

The idea is from fan site chucktv.net, one of those that spearheaded last year's "Finale and a Footlong" campaign that made national headlines when fans bought sandwiches from "Chuck" sponsor Subway. While last year's effort was about sending a message to NBC that fans will support the show's advertisers, this year it's about trying to market the show to potential viewers.

"Chuck fans are the most loyal, dedicated, imaginative and passionate fans any show could ever hope for," "Chuck" co-creator Josh Schwartz said.

"Every season they offer more proof they should be licensed and professional fans teaching other fans how it's done. This is yet another example of their awesomeness. We are, as always, grateful and inspired to deliver a show as good to them as they are to us."

The College Hill/Wonderland/Warner Bros.-produced series has been on the bubble for a pickup at NBC, though indications suggest the network is bullish about a return. "Chuck" has been the most stable part of the network's Monday night lineup in a year that companion series "Heroes" has dropped significantly.
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