Chuck Lorre Slams 'Erratic Addict' in Latest Vanity Card

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

He rips into a "monkey" whom he says was "impossible to work with."

In his latest vanity card that aired at the end of CBS’ Big Bang TheoryChuck Lorre slams an "erratic addict" whom he says was "impossible to work with":

Dear Concerned Viewers,
Thanks to the magic of computer graphics, the monkey in tonight's episode was not actually smoking a cigarette, nor was he ever exposed to secondhand smoke. At all times, every effort was made to make the monkey feel happy and safe. Nevertheless, he proved impossible to work with. During the week of production his behavior became increasingly erratic, to the point of refusing to come out of his trailer to rehearse. It wasn't until after we finished filming his scenes that we learned why. The monkey is a heroin addict. Yes, hard as it may be to believe, the monkey had a monkey on his back. Thankfully, an intervention was staged by the Geico lizard and he is now going through detox and a twelve step program at the Bonzo Center in Palm Springs. Everyone at "The Big Bang Theory" wishes him well.

Lorre is currently at odds with Charlie Sheen, who just blasted him as a “low rent, nut-less sociopath” for continuing CBS’ Two and a Half Men without him.