Chuck Norris parodies Tea Party movement

VIDEO: Actor makes fun of gun owners in NRA online ad

This is one get-out-the-vote commercial you're not likely to see on MTV.

Tough-guy actor Chuck Norris stars in an NRA online ad that channels a little Charlton Heston, parodies the Tea Party movement and even makes fun of gun owners.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, then, the two-minute Internet video is going viral, at least more so than your usual NRA video. In its first month, 180,000 people viewed the humorous ad at YouTube, about nine times more than a serious NRA voting-registration ad that stars rocker Ted Nugent and has been around longer.

The Norris ad has a small group of biker-redneck-Tea-Party types engaged in a sort of revival meeting led by "Randy," who shouts: "What are you gonna do when these politicians come and take away your rights and freedom?"

An attendee answers enthusiastically, "Send 'em an email!"

When an old lady paraphrases former NRA head Heston by saying the government can have her gun when they "pry it from my cold, dead hands," Randy lovingly dubs her a "blougar" -- a blue-haired cougar.

That's when Norris takes over the meeting with his plea: "There's only one way to protect our rights -- register to vote."

It's not "Rock the Vote," the non-partisan group with celebrity spokespeople who lean almost exclusive left, but "Trigger the Vote," and they're no doubt targeting a different demographic: the NRA, also non-partisan, typically supports Republican candidates.

Even so, the Norris ad is from Four Eyed Films and was written and directed by people who "are pretty left on the spectrum," according to their publicist.