Chuck Norris Spoofs Jean-Claude Van Damme's Volvo Truck Split (Video)

Chuck Norris Christmas Split - H 2013

Chuck Norris Christmas Split - H 2013

The CGI parody shows Norris atop the wings of two planes, balancing 11 suited men in the formation of a Christmas tree.

First it was Jean-Claude Van Damme atop two Volvo trucks, then it was Channing Tatum on two food carts on the set of 22 Jump Street.

Now it's none other than Chuck Norris, spoofing Van Damme's splits stunt with two planes and nearly a dozen men balanced on his head.

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Cleverly created as a holiday greeting from Hungarian animation firm Delov Digital, the video shows Norris standing on the wing tips of two planes, wearing a hat that balances 11 suited men, holding each other in the formation of a Christmas tree. Accompanied by the same song as the original viral commercial, "Only Time" by Enya, the opening monologue features lines from the first scene of William Shakespeare's Hamlet.

As the frame zooms out of the CGI parody, the suited men begin to sparkle with holiday lights, while the planes hilariously hover over the clouds.

Norris isn't the only celebrity to appear in a spoofing holiday card this year. Ellen DeGeneres recently revealed that she and Portia de Rossi parodied the "Bound 2" video from Kanye West and Kim Kardashian for their Christmas greeting.

Watch Van Damme's epic original and Norris' hilarious spoof below:

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