Chuck Woolery Launches Political Attack on Michael Moore (VIDEO)

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"Beware America," jokes the longtime game show host, because the liberal filmmaker wants to "fatten you all up, and then eat your children."

It looks like Chuck Woolery, who seemingly has ditched hosting game shows in favor of conservative political activism, has picked a fight with Michael Moore – or, as he puts it,  “America’s biggest hypocrite.”

Woolery, best known as the original host of Wheel of Fortune from 1975-1981 and Love Connection from 1983-1994, for about a year has been creating videos at that skewer liberal policies.

In those videos, he sometimes takes good-natured jabs at Hollywood, like when he lamented how rough Matt Damon has it “living with the guilt of having too much money.” And Woolery will also commandeer movie clips to make a point, as he did with this snippet from Oliver Stone’s Wall Street and this scene from a Bob Hope movie that features what many conservatives consider the greatest political line in movie history.

In his latest video, though, Woolery launches his harshest attack yet on an entertainment figure, including making several cracks about Moore’s weight and even comparing him to Jabba the Hutt. Mostly, though, he cites evidence of Moore’s alleged hypocrisy in matters of finance.

“He claims he identifies closely with the poor and disenfranchised majority as he pokes his sausage-like fingers into the chiseled chest of corporate America,” Woolery says of Moore. “He vilifies companies and the laws that protect them even after he accepts film tax credits from the state of Michigan. It seems that being a good hypocrite is good business.”

Moore didn’t respond to an email from The Hollywood Reporter seeking a response to the video, embedded below, which also includes a short clip from a CNN interview of Moore.

“Beware America,” says Woolery in the video, because Moore “wants people to get everything for nothing, so he can fatten you all up, and then eat your children.”


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