Chum gets interactive with 'Play2Win'


TORONTO -- Canadian broadcaster Chum Ltd. on Wednesday said it has acquired the "Play2Win" format from Dutch game-show producer 3Circles Media and will give the interactive TV show a six-week run on its flagship Toronto TV station beginning Dec. 21.

Toronto-based Chum said "Play2Win" will see TV viewers play Sudoku and other scrabble-type games originating from Chum's Citytv studio in Toronto. Viewers who wish to actively participate can enter and send in answers via text messaging, a 900 number or the Citytv Web site to possibly win prizes.

"Play2Win," already launched in Europe and Asia and recently in the U.S. on Chicago-based WGN, will air in late-night Thursday to Saturday and on Sunday afternoon.

Roma Khanna, senior vp of content and co-head of Chum Television, said the broadcaster will generate revenues from airtime sales, premium messaging charges and sponsorship opportunities.

She added that the trial run in Toronto will establish whether the interactive TV game show concept has legs enough to run in other regional Canadian markets that Chum serves.

"It's exciting for us to engage some viewers, but not all of them, in a real way. For the rest of the viewers, it will hopefully be a popular TV game show," Khanna said.

Chum operates 33 radio stations, 12 local TV stations and 21 specialty channels nationwide.
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