Chyron, Madison Road in suite new-media deal


NEW YORK -- Chyron Corp., the leading provider of broadcast graphics software, and Madison Road Entertainment have partnered to develop and launch a suite of services that allows advertisers to use Chyron's applications to run advertising graphics on mobile phone screens, the Internet and on out-of-home TV networks in such places as shopping malls, restaurants and bars.

Chyron, which built its business by supplying graphics software to broadcasters mostly for their news and sports programs, said that during the past 18 months it has increasingly been approached by advertisers and their agencies to use its software applications to reach consumers who are getting more difficult to reach through traditional TV advertising.

"Chyron has been expanding its capabilities in this area for several years now," Chyron president and CEO Michael Wellesley-Wesley said. "Recognizing that the future requirements of advertisers will include a truly immersive experience that extends beyond TV -- to include cell phone, out-of-home networks and the Internet -- we identified Madison Road, its advertising, branding, entertainment programming expertise and connections as the perfect partner and choice to integrate Chyron into these new areas of content creation."

Chyron's software allows for the reformatting of graphics from TV to the cell phone screen or PDA, and new applications that have allowed people to send images they capture on their cell phone cameras to TV newsrooms have been expanded to allow for increased audience participation in reality programs.

TV viewers are now able to contribute photos or video to a show's content, and Madison Road can help line up advertisers interested in promoting audience participation in entertainment programming, Wellesley-Wesley said.

"Chyron's 40 years of experience in delivering bulletproof, real-time graphics solutions to the world's broadcasters, coupled with their patent relating to reformatting graphics for different screen sizes, make them a uniquely capable partner for this venture," Madison Road managing partner Jak Severson said. "The combination of Madison Road's branded-entertainment savvy and Chyron's technology reputation will result in some very compelling software offerings that directly address some of the challenges currently being faced by mainstream advertisers."