Ciara Completely Strips Down in "Dance Like We're Making Love" Video

Ciara - H 2015

A CGI lion is involved.

Ciara may be waiting for marriage to have sex with her Seattle Seahawks quarterback boyfriend, Russell Wilson, but at least they can dance. And with Ciara, that's no lame cha-cha.

In the singer's new video for "Dance Like We're Making Love," she shows off some of her best moves in high heels and revealing outfits, suggesting dancing with her might be just as good as the real deal.

The whole production is pretty massive, as Ciara romances a male guest in a massive villa overlooking Los Angeles, dominating each room with sexual energy. There's even a CGI lion on the grounds who looks to be thirsty for her affection.

The video wraps up with a shot of Ciara walking down a hallway, headed to the bedroom, tearing off her jewelry and dress along the way before turning and striking a come-hither pose, nude in the shadows.

Watch Ciara's "Dance Like We're Making Love" video below.

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