'Cinderella' Screening to Benefit 10-Year-Old Miles Lin's I Dream of Fish

Cory Hill

This Sunday, March 8, an advance screening of Disney's live-action imagining of the classic Cinderella will unspool at the historic Vista Theatre in Los Feliz. This isn't a typical L.A. screening to give industry-ites an opportunity to brag about seeing a film first before the rest of the world. Instead, it's a fundraiser that will benefit I Dream of Fish — the brainchild of a 10-year-old philanthropist intent on doing good all over the globe.

That youngster is Miles Lin, the son of The Lego Movie producer Dan Lin. Ticket proceeds from the event — organized with the help of Disney executive Tendo Nagenda — will go toward funding aquaponics systems overseas, which is the focus of Miles' organization I Dream of Fish. The Cinderella showing will mark the second annual event for the charity following last year's fundraiser which tallied $37,000 for a water project in India. After the successful outing, Miles turned his attention toward Uganda.

You can check out the I Dream of Fish website here (and buy tickets for the screening), but only after you read Miles' Q&A session on the lessons he's learned about global philanthropy and what he wants to be when he grows up.

Congratulations on the second fundraiser, which follows the successful first one that raised $37,000 for an orphanage in India. What are your goals for the event to benefit Uganda?
I hope we can raise enough money to help the Ugandan community, just as we did with the Indian orphanage. I hope we can make their lives better. They deserve a good and happy life, and I think that building an Aquaponics system not only gives them food, but helps lift their spirits. 

How did you come about the decision to turn your attention to Uganda?
There was a community in need and a piece of land opened up close to that area.

How did you come to meet Disney executive Tendo Nagenda? Is that how you settled upon a screening of Cinderella?
My dad, who is a movie producer, is friends with Tendo. After the last fundraiser, Tendo had mentioned that if we ever did a fish farm in Uganda that he wanted to help and be involved. He helped us get the early screening of Cinderella.

What has been the most powerful lesson you've learned since launching I Dream of Fish in 2014?
I learned that many people aren't as lucky as me, and that we have to do our part to make sure that no child goes to bed hungry. I also learned that I should always be thankful for the things I have and to never waste a good meal.

What was your favorite experience in India?
My favorite experience in India was probably when we visited the orphanage and we got to plant some seeds to put in the Aquaponics system. We also got to meet two really cute dogs that ran around everywhere. Another really funny experience was when we went to visit a retirement home, and my partner said there was a really mean lady who pinched your cheeks really hard, so I got scared. But when we arrived, the lady was out for a doctor's checkup.

Will you also travel to Uganda?
I hope our entire family goes together soon.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
When I grow up I want to buy a boat and on the weekends go fishing. During the week, I want to either be a lawyer because I like arguing, or a commercial fisherman because I could get paid to do my hobby!