Cindy Crawford and James Corden Re-Create Iconic 1992 Pepsi Ad

'The Late Late Show'

"Is that a great new Pepsi can, or what?"

James Corden and Cindy Crawford re-created Crawford's iconic 1992 Pepsi commercial for his post-Super Bowl episode of The Late Late Show on Sunday.

Just like the original, the remake included a stunning Crawford clad in short denim cut-offs and white tank top, emerging in slo-mo from a Lamborghini to buy a Pepsi from a gas station vending machine. Two young boys looked on in wonder at the "great new Pepsi can."

But the new version also features Corden, also clad in short denim cut-offs and a tight white tank top, who emerges from the car to give Crawford a hand when the vending machine jams — before chugging the Pepsi himself, finishing it off with a burp and a soda soaked shirt.

Watch the full parody — and the original ad — below.