This Is Why Cindy Crawford Is Excited About Her 50th Birthday

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Cindy Crawford with son Presley, daughter Kaia, and husband Rande Gerber.

At a cocktail party in her honor, the supermodel and mom also revealed the advice she gives her daughter, what body part is "in" and what her workouts are like now.

It’s hard not to be just a little envious of Cindy Crawford’s mini-me daughter, Kaia Gerber. After all, she not only got her supermodel mom’s incredible genes, but she’s the lucky recipient of her life guidance and wisdom, too. At an intimate cocktail party hosted in her honor by the Becoming author’s business partners and friends Bill Guthy and Greg Renker at Eric Buterbaugh Florals on Friday night in L.A., the icon revealed a few of pieces of advice she’s passed along.

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“The only things I tell her, and it would be for any job, are be on time, be professional, don’t be on your phone and work hard,” Crawford tells Pret-a-Reporter. She doesn’t seem to worry about the budding model in the industry she says has changed mostly thanks to social media. “The fact they have social media, like they can write their own press statement more than we ever could,” she says of models now. “We were so dependent on how other people portrayed us where if you have social media you are a little bit more in control of how you’re presented.”

FROM LEFT: Greg Renker, Cindy Crawford and Bill Guthy

Crawford also says while she thinks models are still very skinny, she does notice “The butt is in, yeah. Look, fashion is all about change. Certainly anything that broadens the idea of beauty is good. Some girls are really naturally thin — they shouldn’t feel bad. Some girls naturally have a booty — they shouldn’t feel bad. You know, I think it’s about being healthy and loving yourself. That’s what I would want my daughter to do.”

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Indeed, though she admits to still having insecurities (“Of course. I mean, I wouldn’t be human”), she has found greater self-acceptance through the years. Over two years Crawford dug through her massive amount of work and chose 150 images to pair with stories or lessons for her first book, Becoming. She discovered that “through the lens of time you’re much more kind to yourself, like maybe images back then that I was critiquing now I was like, what didn’t I love about this picture?”


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To prepare for her book tour, Crawford said she focused her workouts more on stamina. They consist of three days a week with a trainer who leads her through “what I’ve done for 20 years: weights and lunges and squats and treadmill.” She also hikes once a week or rides her bike, all while making sure her form is correct so she doesn’t tweak something.

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As for her New Year resolutions, the model — whose friends Maria Shriver, Lisa Rinna, Tyra Banks and Cat Deeley attended the soiree along with her Meaningful Beauty partners — says she wants to go back to basics, reconnect with friends and cook more. With her 50th birthday just around the corner in February, she’s about to enter a new stage. Says Crawford, “I guess I feel like it’s not the end of one part in my life, but in a way it’s like I’ve done that modeling world. I’ve had that, so I’m kind of excited to see what’s next.”