Cindy Crawford Puts Her Daughter's Modeling Career on Pause: "She's Too Young" (Poll)

After allowing Kaia to appear in Young Versace ads, the former supermodel, who was discovered at age 16, wants her daughter to wait until she's 17.

Supermodel Cindy Crawford is slamming the brakes on her daughter's budding modeling career.

Just last month, her 10-year-old daughter, Kaia, modeled a very short skirt and leather jacket for Versace's new children's line. Crawford and Rande Gerber's daughter was chosen by the couturier after the launch of the first Young Versace boutique in Milan. The line caters to children up to age 12, which is roughly equal to the number of places in their parents' bank accounts.

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But Crawford, 45, who was discovered by a photographer when she was only 16, announced that the youngster's modeling pursuits will go on hold for the next seven years. Aw, Mooom!

Despite the now common use of pre-teen models, such as Elle Fanning shilling Marc Jacob's younger fragrance, Crawford says: “At this point, she's too young to pursue a career. There aren't even a handful of jobs for a 10-year-old girl. But if she's 17 and wants to try it, of course, what can I say?"

Cindy’s recent remarks sharply contradict her comment in the Versace press release: “I'm so thrilled that Kaia was chosen to be part of the first Young Versace Campaign. I have so many fond memories of the times I spent with Gianni Versace and Donatella. There is something so very special about the House of Versace.”

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Given her comments about Kaia's participation in the company's past campaign, Donatella Versace will not be pleased that she has to wait for Kaia to grow up.

"Like her mother, Kaia has a very special gift," Donatella has raved. "The camera really, really loves her."

Tell us: Would you let your child embark on a modeling career at ten years old?