Cindy Crawford to Reprise Iconic Role in Pepsi Ad With Son Presley Gerber

Cindy Crawford and Presley Gerber - Fashion Los Angeles Awards -  Getty-H 2018
Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images

A safer bet than Kendall Jenner.

On Thursday, Pepsi revealed that Cindy Crawford and 50 percent of her supermodel spawn, 18-year-old Presley Gerber, will star in the beverage brand's upcoming Super Bowl commercial debuting Feb. 4. 

The handsome mother-son duo will be a part of the company's new "Pepsi Generations" campaign, which is "a celebration of the brand's rich history in pop culture for 120 years," according to a release. No word on whether Kaia Gerber, 16, will make an appearance.

Crawford, who set the pre-internet world on fire in 1992 with her steamy Super Bowl ad, reprised her role as a sexy soda-drinker on the commercial's 10th anniversary in 2002, and the commercial was remade again in 2016 in animated emoji version. A teaser of the 2018 ad sees the supermodel returning to the same gas station where it all began — albeit wearing more clothing. Her return to Pepsi, therefore, seems like a return to safety for the company that is still walking on eggshells after the great Kendall Jenner Commercial Debacle of 2017. 

Last year's tone-deaf ad portrayed Jenner as a rebel without a cause who hands a peace offering in the form of canned, carbonated sugar to a police officer at a protest. (A protest for what, we can't be sure.) In addition to scarring Jenner, the ad put Pepsi in the center of a weeks-long controversy regarding the commodification of activism (among other issues), and we're sure that's not something it wants to relive. 

The "Pepsi Generations" campaign also will include nostalgic pop-up exhibitions throughout the U.S. intended to celebrate the brand's (less controversial) "pop-culture milestones in Pepsi history." Other nods to happier times in the Pepsi universe include limited-edition retro packaging, which will feature the brand's vintage logo on regular Pepsi products beginning Jan. 29. In an effort to distance itself from 2017, it looks like Pepsi has traveled very far back in time, indeed.

For her part, Crawford is excited to rejoin the Pepsi family. "To this day, people come up to me to talk about how much they loved my original Pepsi spot from '92," she said in a statement. "The commercial was a big moment for me and has spanned generations. I am proud to play a role in this iconic pop-culture phenom and excited for fans to see our new take on the Pepsi spot during Super Bowl."