Cinecitta Holding leadership to resign

New culture minister will install allies

ROME -- Alessandro Battisti and the rest of the leadership of Cinecitta Holding will present their resignations to newly installed Minister of Culture Sandro Bondi this week.

The resignations will allow Bondi the chance to install his allies at the head of the holding company that directs Rome's storied Cinecitta Studios, a move that could have a significant impact on the organization.

Since taking office May 9, Bondi has repeatedly said he is a fan of cinema, but other members of the Silvio Berlusconi-led government have said they view spending on culture-related areas as nonessential.

Battisti and his team, which was appointed by Bondi's successor, Francesco Rutelli, had been scheduled to stay in power until August 2009. Rutelli is now a leading member of the government opposition.

The resignations come during a period of transition for Cinecitta, which is mulling whether to absorb film promotion body FilmItalia and taking steps to remain essential to a resurgent local film industry that sometimes outsources its work to other countries.