Cinedigm Taps Tom Hassell to Oversee Theatrical Distribution

Cinedigm Entertainment Logo - H 2011

Cinedigm Entertainment Logo - H 2011

The veteran movie sales executive joins a company that is becoming an alternative content provider to theaters using digital delivery and targeted marketing.

Veteran movie sales executive Tom Hassell was named vp theatrical distribution at Cinedigm on Wednesday.

"Tom brings expertise, savvy and world-class business instincts to Cinedigm," said Susan Margolin, co-president of Cinedigm’s entertainment group.

Hassell will be responsible for all aspects of theatrical distribution for Cinedigm. The company's recent acquisitions include Arthur Newman, starring Colin Firth and Emily Blunt; and Violet and Daisy, with James Gandolfini and Saoirse Ronan; and Kirby Dick's documentary The Invisible War.

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Hassell has held positions with Columbia Pictures, PolyGram Filmed Entertainment, Destination Films, Newmarket Films, Picturehouse Films and FilmDistrict.

Since Chris McGurk took over two years ago, Cinedigm Digital Cinema Corp. has been transformed from a company that helped movie exhibitors make the transition to digital to a distributor of specialized product and movies for theaters, among other things.

While still doing digital installations in movie houses worldwide, the public company has pegged its future on being an alternative content distributor utilize digital distribution and targeted marketing to release moves in a more cost-effective manner.

“In the last year, we have made tremendous strides in our entertainment efforts, distributing films from five-screen targeted releases to 20-screen day-and-date releases to films spanning 1,000 screens” said Margolin, “And we have many more projects slated for 2013. Tom will play a critical role in releasing these films in the ‘Cinedigm’ way: putting producers first, being good partners to the exhibition community and bringing compelling content to demanding audiences."

Said Hassell: "I look forward to being part of what is, and will be, a compelling force in the changing landscape of the entertainment business."