CineEurope: Disney Debuts 'The Finest Hours' Trailer, 'Zootopia' Footage, Screens 'Ant-Man'

Ant-Man Anthill - H 2015
Marvel Studios

Ant-Man Anthill - H 2015

But even the presenter said that he couldn't wait for 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' to arrive.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens may have been the most hotly anticipated title at Disney’s CineEurope presentation on Wednesday in Barcelona, but the studio still packed out its show with other memorable highlights from its upcoming slate.

For the seventh Star Wars episode, while no new footage was revealed, J.J. Abrams recorded a special message for the assembled exhibitors before introducing a video incorporating clips from the trailers, plus news clips encapsulating the building excitement.

“December 18 can’t get here soon enough,” said Disney’s executive vp theatrical sales and distribution, Dave Hollis.

Other major titles in the presentation included upcoming new IP from Disney Animation Studios, Zootropolis (known as Zootopia in the U.S.), of which several unfinished extended scenes were shown.

“It’s a world created for and designed by animals,” said Disney’s EMEA and U.K. studio marketing vp Lee Jury, who introduced several of the film’s characters and settings.

For the Polynesia-based animation Moana (which Jury said was just a “tentative” name), due out towards the end of 2016, footage of the main character was shown. “It’s a coming-of-age story,” he added.

In Pixar’s slate, among the two new IPs was The Good Dinosaur, that — according to Disney’s head of EMEA and U.K. studio distribution Tony Chambers  asks the question: “what if the asteroid that hit Earth 60 million years ago actually missed.”

A teaser trailer was unveiled, followed by extended footage of the film’s main characters Arlo — a young Apatosaurus — and Spot, a young caveman. “We have a myriad of wonderful and memorable characters,” added Chambers, adding that the technology used "pushed the boundaries of high definition photo realism."

Jon Favreau offered some words from the set of The Jungle Book, which he said was a combination of the “best of animation, live action and motion capture.”

For naval rescue drama The Finest Hours, the audience was treated to the debut of its first trailer, which Jury said captured one of the most “heroic rescues in maritime history.”

Behind the scenes footage and film clips were shown of Alice Through The Looking Glass, the sequel to the $1 billion-earning film. Although Tim Burton is now acting as producer with The Muppet’s director James Bobin at the helm, Chambers said that Burton “was deeply involved,” describing him as an “ambassador to Underland.”

In a video, star Mia Wasikowska said that “James [Bobin] had taken the world that Burton had created and made it his own.”

On the Marvel side of things, extensive details were provided for Captain America: Civil War, currently shooting in Atlanta, with co-director Joe Russo stating that the story revolved around “collateral damage” after action by the Avengers results in the loss of life.

The video also highlighted the on-screen friction between Captain America and Iron-Man.

“The name Civil War implies there are sides,” said Robert Downey Jr.

With production on Doctor Strange commencing soon, no footage was available of the upcoming new superhero IP, but artist impressions of Benedict Cumberbatch in the lead role were offered. In a video message, producer Kevin Feige said that the actor was perfect for the role, offering a “complicated emotional structure.”

Disney’s presentation concluded with a full — though unfinished — screening of Ant-Man, due to have its world premiere in Los Angeles next week.