CineEurope: Paramount Shows 'Baywatch,' 'Jack Reacher 2' Footage, Pays Respects to Anton Yelchin

Paramount/Entertainment Tonight
Tom Cruise in 'Jack Reacher: Never Go Back'

The studio also shares a first look at 'Star Trek Beyond,' shows off 'Ben-Hur' and offers video messages from Tom Cruise and Dwayne Johnson.

Despite Paramount offering one of the most in-your-face explosive presentations at this year's CineEurope in Barcelona (the first so far this year to use not one, but three giant screens in the main auditorium), the studio started its show on Wednesday on a more somber note.

Less than a week after the tragic death of Anton Yelchin, Paramount's co-president of international theatrical marketing and distribution Mark Viane led the company in paying respects to the Star Trek actor saying he was "beloved by so many."

Star Trek Beyond closed the presentation, with Simon Pegg introducing an exclusive first look from the deck of the Starship Enterprise just weeks before the film has its world premiere at Comic-Con next month.

But the upcoming sci-fi movie wasn't the only film to be given a never-before-seen preview. Action-packed exclusive footage was shown of Ben-Hur, the big-budget remake of the 1959 epic, including the famous chariot race, followed by the film's 3D trailer. The pic, in which Jack Huston steps into the sandals made famous by Charlton Heston, is due in theaters in August.

Tom Cruise offered a video message to introduce an exclusive first look at Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, due out Oct. 21, while there was another peek at the Brad Pitt-starring WWII romantic spy-thriller Allied by Robert Zemeckis, which is set for release Nov. 23.

Exclusive footage also was shown for Rings, the third installment in the horror franchise, which will land over a decade after the last film when it launches on Oct. 28.

But despite historical action epics, sci-fi franchise blockbusters and Cruise doing what he does best (beating up bad guys), it was arguably Dwayne Johnson who stole the Paramount show.

The star gave a lively video message from the set of Baywatch in Savannah, Ga., to introduce an exclusive first look at the big-screen take on the 1990s TV hit. Johnson said that the action-comedy would give viewers a chance to see Zac Efron's "27-pack abs," while pointing to his "secret weapon" for the film, Comedy Central star Jon Bass.

"2017 is the year of Baywatch," he added.