CineEurope: Snoop Dogg Rocks the House for 'Turbo'

Snoop Dogg at CineEurope P
Pamela McClintock

Ben Stiller and Samuel L. Jackson were among those attending the rapper and "Turbo" co-star's performance at the annual gathering of international theater owners in Barcelona.

BARCELONA -- Snoop Dogg livened up CineEurope with a lengthy -- and decidedly R-rated -- concert promoting the upcoming animated family tentpole Turbo before signing off with his signature instruction to smoke weed.

The rapper and actor voices one of the characters in the DreamWorks Animation movie about an ordinary garden snail whose dreams of racing in the Indianapolis 500 come true. Ryan Reynolds voices the title character, while Snoop plays a blinged-out snail named Smooth Move.

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Reynolds and Snoop, along with Samuel L. Jackson and Michael Pena, who also lend their voices, are in Barcelona to tout the film to foreign theater owners gathered here for their annual convention. DWA and 20th Century Fox also hosted the film's worldwide press junket here.

Jackson and Pena, along with Ben Stiller -- who came to CineEurope to share footage of his upcoming Fox film The Secret Life of Walter Mitty -- were as mesmerized by Snoop as was the rest of the crowd, with Stiller and Jackson happily snapping photos with their iPhones (earlier, Jackson introduced Snoop).

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During the concert at the city's beachside convention center, Snoop performed his new song "Let the Bass Go," which is on the Turbo soundtrack.

The rapper treated the crowd to more explicit fare as well, performing hits including "Gin and Juice" and "Drop It Like It's Hot." He also performed Akon's "I Wanna F--- You" after cheerfully warning adults to cover the ears of any children that happened to be in the spacious banquet hall.