CineEurope: Sony Unveils New 'Spectre' Footage, Joseph Gordon-Levitt Walks 'The Walk'


Sacha Baron Cohen also sent a message to offer unseen clips from comedy 'Grimsby.'

"Who can forget the last James Bond?" asked Sony Pictures president of marketing and distribution Josh Greenstein to the CineEurope crowds at the studio's presentation on Wednesday.

Skyfall, as he pointed out, earned over $1 billion dollars, but to get the excitement rolling for the 24th 007, Spectre, he introduced Miss Moneypenny herself, Naomi Watts, to debut new unfinished footage that featured the entire top cast of Daniel Craig, Christoph Waltz, Lea Seydoux, Monica Bellucci, Andrew Scott, Ben Whishaw, Ralph Fiennes and Dave Bautista. "For your eyes only," she told the assembled audience of EMEA exhibitors.

Sony's show also featured a hefty slice from The Walk, chronicling French high-wire artist Philippe Petit's 1974 walk between the World Trade Center's Twin Towers, with director Robert Zemeckis and lead Joseph Gordon-Levitt on stage to discuss the biopic.

"This film was technically impossible until just recently," said Sony Pictures chairman Tom Rothman, who had jetted to Barcelona especially to present the film. "It's a visceral thrill unlike anything I have ever seen."

Gordon-Levitt said that he had "learned so much" working with Zemeckis, and that, even despite his accolades and accomplishments, what he took home most was the director's humble nature. He claimed that he had actually been trained to tightrope walk by Petit himself. "He insisted that he teach me," he said.

Zemeckis added that he identified with the high-wire artist, someone who had assembled a small array of people to "bring his dreams to life."

Another film given the extended exclusive treatment was the upcoming comedy from Sacha Baron Cohen, Grimsby, with the actor addressing the audience via a video recording. The film, he said, told the story of a man who attempted to stop the soccer World Cup Final being taken over by an international crime organization. "And it's not FIFA," he said.

Speaking of the cast, which includes Mark Strong, Rebel Wilson, Ian McShane and his wife Isla Fischer, he said that he was "lucky enough to make love to one every night. Thank you Ian."

Jack Black came on stage to close the presentation with a full screener of Goosebumps, the children's book adaptation which was described as the "beginning of a terrific franchise."