Cinema Expo 2008


June 25, 2008

Sony unveils new 4K projector
The trade show floor at Cinema Expo 2008 is filled with the customary popcorn, theater-seat and tech vendors, but Sony Electronics reps are steering prospective customers to a secret demo suite to view something potentially much more watershed. Full story

June 24, 2008

Studios, stars roll out slates for exhibitors
Studios' international distribution executives played slate pitchmen at Cinema Expo on Tuesday, getting welcome help from some globe-trotting movie stars. Full story

June 23, 2008

Digital dearth in Europe
The time warp that is digital cinema figured prominently Monday in opening-day seminars at Cinema Expo. In the U.S., the rollout of d-cinema systems in multiplexes nationwide is sufficiently progressed -- at almost 5,000 movie-quality screens -- that exhibitors already are eyeing the additional implementation of 3-D hardware. Full story

Jeffrey Katzenberg still on 3-D stump
It's a well-traveled act by now, Jeffrey Katzenberg's promo push for 3-D exhibition. This time, the DreamWorks Animation topper took his extra-dimensional tubthumping to Cinema Expo, where he's also promoting two DWA titles. Full story

June 20, 2008

Digital cinema looks for traction in Europe
If the digital-cinema revolution took its time getting traction among U.S. exhibitors, the situation in Europe has been downright slo-mo. Europe's d-cinema rollout will figure in several sessions set for Cinema Expo International 2008. The annual exhibition trade confab kicks off Monday at the RAI convention center in Amsterdam. Full story

June 19, 2008

International boxoffice reached high
On the eve of Cinema Expo International, the annual European exhibition confab set to take place June 26-28 in Amsterdam, international exhibitors and distributors alike have reason to throw back a couple of celebratory pilsners. Full story

Is Europe finally ready for the d-cinema rollout?
Can digital cinema break the language barrier in Europe? While there is continued optimism about the long-term forecast for the technology, insiders continue to lament the fact that an expensive price tag and Europe's cultural diversity are proving to be major stumbling blocks to the ongoing d-cinema rollout. Full story

May 6, 2008

Cinema Expo announces distrib'n award

Paramount Pictures International's Roger Pollock will pick up this year's Cinema Expo International Distributor of the Year award during the June event held in the Netherlands.
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