Cinema Ventures acquires 'Flying Monsters 3D'

2011 release is planned for the prehistoric pterosaurs pic

National Geographic Entertainment's Cinema Ventures has acquired the large-format movie "Flying Monsters 3D," centering around prehistoric pterosaurs, from Atlantic Productions in association with Sky 3D.

A 2011 release is planned.

Produced by filmmaker Anthony Geffen and narrated by filmmaker and naturalist David Attenborough, the film, which promises to examine the latest scientific discoveries about pterosaurs, follows in the wake of NGCV's 2007 3D feature "Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure," the first original giant screen film to release simultaneously in Imax and digital 3D theaters.

"We have high hopes that 'Flying Monsters" will build on the soaring box office success of 'Sea Monsters'," Mark Katz, president of distribution at NGCV, said.
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