CinemaCon: The 10 Most Outrageous Quotes

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Adam Sandler drops and f-bomb and Melissa McCarthy says she loves the convention for "cinnamon" during the Las Vegas trade show.

LAS VEGAS – Throughout the week, hundreds of movie theater owners gathering together for CinemaCon got their first look at dozens of 2013's most highly anticipated films as Hollywood studios touted footage and brought big-name stars to the stage at the mammoth Colosseum Theater at Caesers Palace.

But the annual event also brought something extra special to the convention stage: plenty of outrageous moments.

From Adam Sandler's f-bomb to The Hangover III director Todd Phillips' swipe at Fast & Furious 6, here are 10 of THR’s favorite laugh-out-loud moments from this year’s CinemaCon:

1. Adam Sandler took the stage via chariot on Wednesday to promote Sony’s Grown Ups 2. Sandler threw out a few jokes about Sony’s upcoming slate, dropping an f-bomb about the family-friendly sequel Smurfs 2. “You overseas people are f—king excited about Smurfs 2!,” Sandler told the crowd of theater owners.

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2. At Fox’s presentation Thursday, Fox Filmed Entertainment chairman and CEO Jim Gianopulos told the crowd that he wanted to end on as high of a note as they had last year, with the presentation of Life of Pi. So he introduced The Secret Life of Walter Mitty director Ben Stiller. “Yes, Ben Stiller and Ang Lee. The two of us are being constantly compared,” Stiller joked with the crowd. “I think it was when Ang made Sense and Sensibility and I made The Cable Guy. Plus we’re both Asian and bar mitzvahed in Israel.”

3. Also at Fox, The Heat stars Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock took the stage to reveal a new red-band trailer for their comedy. “I have always really been a fan of cinnamon,” said McCarthy to the crowd, acting as if the annual convention for movie theater owners was really called Cinnamon-Con.

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4. At the Fast & Furious 6 presentation, Tyrese Gibson revealed a secret about his co-star Paul Walker. "Paul doesn't like to wear deodorant," he said, "So when he gets in the car, you're just glad the fan is blowing things to the back."

5. At Sony’s presentation, George Clooney and producer Grant Heslov delivered a video message to the crowd. “We're sorry we can't be at Comic-Con tonight,” Clooney joked, before Heslov whispered to him that this was for CinemaCon. The duo showed off their Argo Oscars while talking about The Monuments Men, their next project. “Don’t drink too much today because I know how you guys do,” Clooney joked to the Las Vegas audience.

6. Disney studio chief Alan Horn spoke about DisneyNature, which so far has made films about African cats, chimpanzees and, next, bears. “Next we’ll do mice,” he joked with the crowd. Horn kept the jokes going throughout his presentation, saying at one point, "George Clooney is arguably the best-looking guy on the planet … except for [Walt Disney Co. chairman and CEO] Bob Iger -- I forget myself."

7. When Phillips took the stage at Warner Bros.’ presentation, he told the crowd that The Hangover III will hit theaters May 24. Phillips mentioned that the press has been asking him whether he’s nervous to be opening up against Universal’s Fast & Furious 6. His very blunt response? “C’mon, it’s f---ing Vin Diesel and The Rock."

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8. Kevin Hart cracked plenty of jokes as the master of ceremonies for Lionsgate’s presentation Friday. “You all can do better than that. Stop being racist. Clap your hands, people,” Hart said when he took the stage. But it was Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer who got the last laugh after announcing that they had made a deal for Hart’s next project, which will be called Quick & Easy. “The one point that was quick and easy to agree upon is that Kevin should have his own driver,” Feltheimer said, alluding to Hart’s recent DUI charge.

9. During a panel with directors Oliver Stone and Sam Raimi, Pacific Rim director Guillermo del Toro defended keeping controversial elements in his films: "This movie comes with this sauce. And if you don't like the sauce, don't eat the f---ing sandwich."

10. Universal's Adam Fogelson announced sequels for Pitch Perfect and Snow White and the Huntsman and spoke about the great success of their musical films from the past year, including Pitch Perfect and Les Miserables. “Unfortunately, not many of the characters actually survived to the end of Les Mis," he said to laughter. "There will not be a sequel forthcoming, but we’re working on other options."

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