CineMart slims to 36 projects

Smaller selection this year from 500 submissions

LONDON -- A Korean remake, the latest from Chinese director Zhang Yuan and an animated tale from the Czech Republic are among the 36 selections for the next CineMart.

Organizers of the Rotterdam co-production market said Monday that they sifted through nearly 500 submissions from 26 territories before crafting their final lineup.

South Korea's "The Housemaid" is expected to land a production partner Gina Kim's remake for Mirovision.

Yuan's 1933-set "Executioner Garden" tells the story of a man sentenced to death who, as his last wish, requests that he be killed "in motion." He escapes into the vaults of the prison and a game of life and death ensues.

Czech animation stalwart Negativ Film, meanwhile, the production house behind the films of Bohdan Slama, will travel to the Dutch market to find partners for "Alois Nebel."

And the first movie directed solely by Pablo Stoll, half of the famous 25 Watts and Whisky duo from Uruguay, also will make an appearance. CineMart runs during the Rotterdam International Film Festival, which is set for Jan. 21-Feb. 1.

"In order to maintain the exclusiveness of CineMart, the selection this year has been restricted to no more than 36 projects," CineMart manager Marit van de Elshout said in announcing the selections. "That means difficult choices, but also more space and attention for the projects that have finally been selected."

She added: "At the same time, in view of the current situation in the international independent film industry, we have taken a good look at what a presentation at CineMart means for a project. It comes down to whether real financial partners can be found. That applies to both major productions and smaller niche ones."