Cinemas Guzzo Revs Up Digital Upgrade Of Theaters

The Quebec exhibitor is to install another 62 digital servers to complete its film-to-digital cinema transition by June 2012.

TORONTO -- Quebec exhibitor Cinemas Guzzo has ordered another 62 digital cinema servers from GDC Technology to complete an on-going digital upgrade.

The move builds on an earlier March 2010 deal with GDC to get the family-controlled circuit with 148 screens in the French-speaking province to 135 servers in all by June 2012.

The deal is also the latest sign Canadian exhibition giants are not waiting for the stateside Digital Cinema Implementation Partners joint venture to introduce digital cinema to theaters in the U.S. and Canada.

Cinemas Guzzo rivals Cineplex Entertainment and Empire Theatres in April jointly formed the Canadian Digital Cinema Partnership to plan and deploy digital projection equipment in their respective theatres.

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