Cinemax's Production-Plagued 'Transporter' Series Back in Business

35 FEA MIPCOM Transporter P
Courtesy of RTL Television

British actor Chris Vance plays the role originated by Jason Statham in hte $40 million international co-production.

The 12-part action drama, which stars Chris Vance, is shooting in Toronto through mid-July, before a month on the ground in France.

TORONTO – Brad Turner (24) and Tim Lea (Flashforward) have jumped on board the production-plagued Transporter series shoot in Toronto as show-runners.

The 12-part action series, based on the Luc Besson movie franchise, is back in production through July 13 in Canada, before shifting to France for location shooting until August 12, with star Chris Vance back behind the camera.

The Canadian-French co-production between local producer QVF and Gallic partner Atlantique Productions last summer hired British director Steve Shill (Rome, Dexter) to replace the original Canadian showrunners Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie.

Production on Transporter was halted in October 2011 when Vance suffered an on-set injury.

The remaining episodes will be directed by Turner, T.J. Scott and George Mihalka.

Also joining Vance in the cast is Andrea Osvart (Duplicity), Francois Berléand, Delphine Chanéac and Charly Hübner (The Lives of Others).

Transporter has as broadcast partners HBO/Cinemax, HBO Canada, Germany's RTL and France M6.

Vance plays Frank Martin, an ex-elite commando turned transporter who delivers mysterious packages against all odds for a series of shady and dangerous clients.

Besides Turner and Lea, Fred Fuchs, Takis Candilis and Besson are executive producing Transporter.