Cineplex Entertainment to Rent, Sell Movies Online

Exhibition giant joins movie download game to fend off competition from iTunes and Netflix Canada.

TORONTO -- Far away from the local multiplex, Cineplex Entertainment is selling Hollywood movie titles to Canadians.

The Canuck exhibition giant has joined the movie download business, allowing Canadians to rent or buy movies from its own website,, day and date with DVDs and Blu-ray releases.

Most new release rentals are priced at $4.99 each, with older titles costing $2.99 or $3.99.

To own, aorund 2,600 titles sell from $5 to $24.99 each, with an average new release costing $19.99.

The movies can then be played on a PC computer or other digital devices, and even stored in Cineplex’s online digital locker.

The move aims to allow Canadians to view a Hollywood movie title at one of Cineplex’s theatres, buy a physical DVD or Blu-ray disc at a multiplex store, and now download movies so that consumers think of Cineplex when they think of movie-viewing.

The digital download offering extends Cineplex’s roots as a bricks and mortar multiplex destination, and allows the exhibitor to keep pace with new digital technologies, including VOD, new video formats, including release of titles in high-definition Blu-Ray format, and online video downloading and streaming.

The movie download service also allows Cineplex to keep pace with new competition from iTunes, Netflix Canada service and other foreign video portals.

Cineplex’s movie downloading service will kick off with thousands of titles from major Hollywood studios, including Sony Pictures Home
Entertainment, Universal Pictures and Warner Bros.

DVD and Blu-ray additions ot the digital library will be made as they become available on the open market, starting with titles like Scott
Pilgrim Vs. the World
, Sex and the City 2 and Eat Pray Love.

Movies purchased and downloaded can be stored either on a consumer’s hard drive or in a digital locker stored in the Cineplex Player that customers will download when they make their first digital download purchase.

The locker allows purchasers to store their movie safely and securely without draining space on their device’s hard drive and allowing unlimited
future downloads of movie titles.