Cineplex Expands Korean 4D Theater Deal Further in Canada

CJ 4DPLEX/Cineplex

The exhibition giant has acquired another 13 U.S.-based immersive 4DX systems.

Korean-based CJ 4Dplex is pushing its immersive 4DX cinema system deeper into Canada.

The Seoul-based company has a deal with Canadian exhibition giant Cineplex Entertainment to install 13 of its 4D cinema auditoriums countrywide. The agreement follows CJ's 2016 launch of one test 4DX auditorium in Toronto — the first and only 4DX site in Canada — that immerses the viewer in a movie with specially designed motion chairs and environmental effects like wind, mist, bubbles, snow and scent working in sync with the action.

As part of this expanded deal, the next 4DX auditorium will be launched in a Cineplex multiplex in Calgary, with additional locations still to be identified.

"We are incredibly proud of the success of 4DX in Toronto, which brought our technology to audiences in Canada for the first time,” Brandon Choi, CEO of CJ 4DPLEX America, based in Los Angeles, said in a statement. Seoul-based CJ operates 4DX screens in 561 auditoriums across 59 countries.

The company projects reaching 630 auditoriums by the end of the year. Cineplex is headquartered in Toronto and offers its multiplex patrons another 4D theater experience, D-Box, which similarly adds motion to a seat for immersive movie viewing.

Cineplex operates a total of 165 theaters throughout Canada. The exhibitor, the country's biggest, has also diversified into alternative programming like eSports, an online distribution platform and location-based entertainment businesses like The Rec Room and Playdium venues in a bid to offset the ebbs and flows of box-office grosses from Hollywood tentpoles.