Cineplex launches movie mobile app

Canadian exhib giant looks to dial in movie goers via smartphone app


Only the popcorn and soda is missing.

Exhibition giant Cineplex Entertainment on Wednesday willlaunch a smartphone mobile app to grab the attention of Canadiancinema-goers before they select which movie and multiplex to attendnationwide.

The Cineplex mobile app also allows cinema-goers to buy ticketsbeforehand, via a credit card or PayPal.

The strategy for Cineplex is putting the Canadian movie-going experienceinto play at the consumer's finger-tips.

"Guests can buy tickets, catch up on the latest movie news, view trailersand receive information on promotions and more, making it the must-haveentertainment app for Canadians," explained Cineplex spokeswoman PatMarshall.

Cineplex also joined the digital delivery space last week by launching amovie download business, allowing Canadians to rent or buy movies from itsown website,, day and date with DVDs and Blu-ray releases.

The move aims to allow Canadians to view a Hollywood movie title at one ofCineplex's theatres, buy a physical DVD or Blu-ray disc at a multiplexstore, and now download movies so that consumers think of Cineplex when theythink of movie-viewing.

Cineplex's move into the movie download business comes as it facesincreased competition here from movie streaming services, like NetflixCanada and iTunes.